Detailed Guidelines on how to Claim Reward via Trust Wallet on Android

Hello dear Users, here is a quick and simple guideline on how to claim the BSC Token rewards using Trust wallet for Android users.

firstly we believe that you already downloaded and installed the Trust Wallet from Google playstore

  • Launch the Trust wallet
  • Click on the settings icon at the bottom right of the app then tap on wallets.
  • Click on the + icon on the top right of the app and choose either to create a new wallet or import (if you have an already existing wallet).
  • Be sure to choose the Smart Chain option.
  • When the wallet is open and you are on the Smart Chain, click on the icon directly beneath the app to access the dapp.
  • Once on the website, click on the navigation icon on the top right of the website and click on the claim.

Note: Participant has to make sure that he/she has stored CAKE in the wallet (no min amount) And need a small amount of BNB to pay for transaction fee

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Thank you for your support.

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